Breeding Total Package Longhorns

Our goal is to raise beautiful iconic longhorns. Our herd consists of ‘Blend’ and pure ‘Butler’ cows. The Butler cows are direct ancestors of one of the original seven longhorn families. The Butler genetics date back to 1923 from a closed herd owned by Milby Butler.

We are breeding for total package cattle. We aim to produce longhorns which are correct in the body, exquisite in color and elegant in horn. Our preference has always been more towards the traditional twisting & rolling horns. It's our passion to help preserve these twisted horn genetics for future generations.

Disposition is a key factor to our program. We are a hands on operation and we spend a lot of time with our herd. It gives us enormous pleasure that they are quiet around us and some even seem to really enjoy a good horn scratch! We are proud that we have cattle shown in the Texas show circuit & also that we have qualified animals for the International All Star Futurity.

At this time we do not own a bull. It became obvious to us very quickly that the best way we can enhance our small herd is by using Artificial Insemination (AI). Helen recently became certified to do AI breeding & this gives us options to use the top genetics in the longhorn industry. We select bulls to complement each cow’s pedigree & physical attributes rather than breeding all to the same bull.